Saturday, October 24, 2009

Centerpiece for Fall

GirlTalk recently had a post reminding us of the beauty of centerpieces and encouraging us to vary them to add beauty to our homes. It was a good reminder for me, as I can get so busy just keeping food on the table that I forget to add beauty to my family's life. These little pumpkins and gourds from the pumpkin patch were around 25 cents each and add some fall color to our table. I've also been using bowls of pears and apples (which have been on excellent sales) to add some natural beauty to our kitchen. I hunted at the thrift store and found a glass carafe that is perfect for both serving drinks and holding leaves or flowers.


the momma said...

just got a package in the mail :-)


Lily is just sure she can squeeze her feet into those darling shoes.

have a blessed week, my friend

Lesley said...

Lovely!! Even though we will be moving soon, I should still try to keep something pretty on our kitchen table. :)

Thanks so much for your encouragement and I WISH WISH you lived closer too! You are so sweet to mention all the things you'd do to help us if we lived near each other. It sure is hard to be away from friends at a time like this.

Our journey has taken another twist and I just blogged about it. It's hard but I'm trying to keep trusting that God has a plan. The whole thing constantly makes me think of you and when you thought you'd have to move and all the trials you went through in that situation. God came through for you guys and I know He will for us too -- it's just hard to be patient sometimes!

Hope you're having a good weekend and I'm looking forward to our phone chat Tuesday. Take care!

LS said...

I wish I could have given you some surprises for all the fam, but space in my envelope was limited and shipping prices have skyrocketed! I didn't think Lily would fit them, but if so, she can wear them first!

Heather said...

So pretty! My sister gave me a big wooden bowl for Christmas last year, and I keep it on my dining room table and fill it with fruits, veggies, etc. I just love how it looks.

LS said...

Good idea Heather! My friend gave me a wooden salad bowl that I could use for this!

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