Saturday, October 31, 2009

Breaking it Down for Moms #2

Here are some statements I found in the book that made me chuckle:
Croutons-Think of these oil-soaked, enriched flour cubes as salad bar grenades-they'll blow your healthy salad away!
16 pieces of Sour Patch Kids--You would have to run a mile to burn off a small handful of these!
Starbursts--One Starburst serving per day for a year will add 21.5 pounds of body fat
If you must frost your cake, go with whipped frosting
Salsa--the planet's finest condiment
Ragu wins over Prego in nearly every matchup
Bertolli Alfredo Sauce-The fat and calorie glut comes from the heavy mix of cream, cheese, butter, and soybean oil (Choose Classico Roasted Red Pepper Alfredo instead)
Any bread (including Pita bread) that says "white" on it is bound to do a number on your blood sugar.
Even in the flavored varieties you just can't trust Mission's flour tortillas. They're just massive vehicles for refined carbs.
Sara Lee Deluxe Bagels, plain--This giant wad of bleached flour will send a sugar load into your blood-stream so fast that the button might fly right off your jeans!


~Laura~ said...

Haha! I loved the last one Lindsey.. :) GREAT list.. I didnt know some of them.. thanks for doing this!

(J) said...

When I first read the lines about frosting and salsa I thought they were supposed to be together. I was questioning wether whipped frosting salsa was a good thing.

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