Thursday, September 5, 2013

Fun Back-to-School Pics

My friends and I love to go hang out in the nearby canyon with our 12 kids. 
I thought it would be fun to do some Back-to-School pics with our gang, and thanks to my fellow moms' cute props, they turned out great!
William, the historian, who will no doubt be president someday!

Heidi, the delightful dancer.

Benny, the kind-hearted warrior.

Abigail, the energetic and funny baby-of-the-family!


Dirty little toes.
Justus, the cheerful adventurer.

Jeremiah, the curious naturalist.


Dylan, the darling explorer.

Diana, the quiet and careful animal whisperer.

Kevin, the fun-loving goofball!

Alathia, the artistic leader.


Cheyanne, the creative photographer.

Katrielle, the spoiled lil' peanut of the family.

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