Friday, May 25, 2007


It's been a while since I've done a tribute to the guy I married, AKA King Jo, so I thought I'd write a little bit about why I love him so much. He's everything I could have ever wanted in a man and MORE! He's sweet and sensitive and honors me, but is strong, manly, and a good leader at the same time! He doesn't mind pitching in to do household chores and he helps me so much with the kiddoes when he's home from work. He's always considerate of me and brings out the best in me. He can tease me and make me laugh, but he also challenges me to grow spiritually and makes me think about deeper things. He loves to spend time with his family and loves to do fun stuff, like biking to the park, taking me on a Mother's Day Picnic, going on stroller walks, etc. He still buys me flowers and gives me foot and back massages! He encourages me in my full-time job as a mom even if the world looks down on it or I sometimes get overwhelmed with it. He's kind and gentle as a father and adores babies and little ones. I can't imagine life without him and I'm so glad God brought him into my life when He did.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Summer Time Cuties

She Made it ALL THE WAY!

I'm so proud of my mom for persevering through good times and bad to get her B.S. in elementary education!!! We attended her graduation last weekend in Billings. It's been a long hard road, but Mom is stubborn and believed this was God's plan for her and now she's using her degree as a 3rd and 4th grade teacher at a Christian School!

Tuesday, May 1, 2007


I had an odd day on Sunday. Maybe it was hormones, maybe it was just the need to get out, but I wanted to go shopping by myself and leave the kids home with Josiah. When I was browsing in the store I was OVERCOME with a desire to buy anything and everything for my kids. I enjoy giving them gifts but I've always been super practical and frugal, to the point of not letting people get them birthday gifts (except grandparents) and getting only one or two small gifts for Ali for Christmas. However, I felt like if I had the money, I would buy every cute outfit, every fun toy that would put a brilliant smile on her face, every little infant noisemaker for Jeremiah and adorable pair of shoes, treats and snacks, cute things to decorate their rooms, fun sippy cups, etc. etc. If I had the money I'd buy them those little battery operated jeeps and a backyard swingset and slide and slip n' slide and water park, etc etc. You get the picture! Amazingly, because we're on a budget, I got out of the store only spending $5 on stuff we actually needed. But the feeling just overwhelmed me. I went home and scooped the kids up and tickled Ali and chased her around and hugged her a ton and teased Jeremiah and reveled in loving them. I felt like God was whispering to me that just as I ADORE giving good gifts to my children, He likes to do the same for me! He's a loving Father who has trillions more love for me than the enormous love I have for my little ones. Just as I love putting a grin on their face and blessing them, so He likes to bless me! I often forget that and forget how much He really cares. Just a thought for today!
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